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Making the Right Choice: Vertical or Horizontal Siding Installation

Vertical or horizontal siding installation? The choice isn’t easy and can be perplexing, but it doesn’t have to be. Both of these types of siding installation have their advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before making your final decision.

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7 Reasons Timely Siding Repair is Important for Your Home

A homeowner’s biggest fear when thinking about their home is that they will have to replace their siding on short notice, whether because of its age or due to damage from Mother Nature. It’s important to know that timely siding repair can keep the cost of siding replacement down and help you enjoy the beauty of your home for years to come.

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Get Your Home Ready for Spring with 11 Simple Steps

Spring flowers are on their way! And as the weather warms up, that means it's the ideal time for home repairs. As summer approaches, you'll be spending more time in your outdoor spaces, lounging, grilling, or hosting parties. Increase your home's curb appeal by taking care of your exterior, from shining siding to lush grass. Follow these 11 steps, and your beautiful home will be the talk of the barbecue.

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A picture of snow covered roofs in winter

15 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Winter

While preparing your house for winter can seem daunting, winterizing a home can be a relatively straightforward task if handled in advance. We put together a checklist of 15 tips to make sure you, your family, and your home are ready to brave the cold, windy months ahead!

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Why did Angie's List change its name?

Are you wondering where Angie’s List went? Since the early days of the world wide web, Angie’s List has been a trusted name for finding local contractors. However in March 2021, Angie’s List was rebranded as Angi. This simple name change may have a big impact on how you find local contractors.

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Confused on How to Measure Your Home for Siding Replacement?

Thinking about replacing your home’s siding? New siding can not only solve problems with high utility bills and moisture damage, but it also increases your property’s curb appeal. You may have noticed that you need new siding because of cracking, fading, or peeling or because of interior wall damage. Replacing your siding will protect your home’s structure from future damage, and may save you money in the long run.

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Why James Hardie is EcoSide’s Choice For Siding Your Home

Choosing siding for your home is a wonderful investment that can pay off for years to come. This is particularly true for siding repair and partial siding replacement. Adding high-quality siding to your home has many benefits including long-lasting durability, improved curb appeal, and boosting your home’s energy efficiency.

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Beginning the Home-Buying Process? Don’t Lose Out on the Home of Your Dreams!

Dipping your toe into the housing market can be a super exciting time . . . but the stress can also make you feel like maybe staying where you are for just a little longer might not be so bad. Especially these days. Listen — anyone who has ever bought a house (or even just started the process) gets it. Buying a house can be (and often is) one of the most stressful times in your life — but it doesn’t have to be! 

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How Does Seattle Weather Affect My Home’s Siding?

Your home needs protection from the weather. Siding provides an important part of that protection. Homes in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest (PNC) face a unique challenge when it comes to weather.

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Picture of the front of a home with new siding installed by EcoSide

Can the Siding on My Seattle Home Be Repaired?

If you’ve found damage to your home’s exterior you may be asking yourself if siding can be repaired, rather than replaced. The short answer is ‘yes.’ In certain circumstances siding can be successfully repaired. In fact, it may even be preferable in some cases.

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